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SydneyGhostTour.Com - we run the Ghost Tours in Sydney, Australia, where ghosts, haunted houses, historic cemetery and the skeleton was buried in the garden, a suburb of Sydney - and sometimes both. Less than a concert ticket price per person, mentally transport you to another world. A world where you have a good laugh, chilled until your spine, and the things you look for years to see in new ways. You hear things that fascinate you so much, and shiver in the spine, leaving him a good adrenaline fun, scary! We have two main routes run ghost Sydney: The Sydney Spirit Lower North Shore Historical Tour - Departing from Cammeray Square, corner of Miller Street and Amherst Street Cammeray, this tour past historic homes and areas of the house (one that serves as a morgue) and with the oldest, perhaps most important history, cemetery, north of Harbor - St Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery north of Sydney. There was a story on this tour, adventure, great love, lust, greed, murder, cannibalism, conflict and intrigue to our previous era Georgia and Victoria - and so many reports of paranormal activity on the northern coast may not know that the presence it felt. If you are brave enough to want to discover the hidden secrets of Sydney? Sydney Spirit Historic Tour - North Shore Middle Starting from the central fountain on the main page of St Leonards station in St. Leonard, this course focuses on the later Victorian era, Edwardian era, and Movers and Shakers of all denominations are built on the coast north of Sydney . We begin to forget the history of the train itself, and then scroll through the historic base of the Royal North Shore Hospital, and then one of the graves in Sydney's most important asset - Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery. Listen to legacy fixed and now haunts the area, including the classic ghost stories of local, urban legends and myths, true stories of tragedy, crime, murder, mystery, magic, love and death. Royal North Shore Hospital, specially built next to the grave ... expectations are not set so high to start!. We tell the story of drug tragedies 19th and early 20th century, the heroic efforts of staff and patients from the past, some are making their rounds, more than a century later. Later, Gore Hill Cemetery, a specifically who is from Sydney late Victorian and Edwardian buried next to the boy, the first public cemetery on the north coast. Hidden in between the crypts and tombs family story that made the novel by Sidney Sheldon, who is veryght .... and spirits taken before his time have made their presence felt .... To learn more and to see a new side to Sydney, Australia - please come and visit